Wholesale at Want It Cheaper is a big player in the business of selling high quality secondhand job lots of music CDs, movie DVDs and games. Our company Want It Cheaper started in 2008 services Read more...
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Case study: Neil Lockie, Lockie Scotland ltd

From redundancy to success

When Neil Lockie lost his job as a legal administrator for a firm making playground equipment, it was a blessing in disguise.

That’s because Neil had racked up 20 years of service and was ready for a fresh challenge and Wholesale at Want it Cheaper was a vital catalyst.

Neil says: “It’s still a traumatic leap into working for yourself because you aren’t sure of how things will turn out.

“Thankfully for me it was the best thing I ever did.”

Just six months of trading later and Neil is already looking to expand into bigger premises and take on more family members to take Lockie Scotland Ltd onto bigger and greater things.

Neil explains: “I was already selling DVDs and suchlike on eBay as a hobby and really enjoyed it. However, when I came to expand that hobby to actually make a living at it proved a problem.

“Sourcing a reputable company which can supply large amounts of decent stock such as DVDs, CDs and console games is not that easy.

“But I found Wholesale at Want it Cheaper more than helpful and they still supply me now with great stock which sells really well.

“Indeed, as we expand we will be needing more stock and I know that Wholesale at Want it Cheaper will be able to cope and deliver as they have been doing.”

Neil adds: “The best thing about the using the firm is that you don’t have to shop around and you don’t have to deal with 20 different suppliers to get the items you need. And you do need quality stock to make a real go at achieving success.”

Now he is his own boss, Glasgow-based Neil is loving the success the business is bringing, despite working 60-70 hours a week.

He adds: “I’m 44 now and wish I’d done this 10 years ago. It’s hard work but it brings a great sense of achievement and Wholesale at Want it Cheaper have played their part in that success.”

Neil is currently selling his stock online but is looking for an outlet to sell to the public and where he can store his stock and, hopefully, still keep his overheads low. He may also take extra staff on.

Wholesale at Want It Cheaper is now one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of mainstream good quality secondhand DVDs, music CDs and console games. They pride themselves on being able to deliver anything from relatively small numbers to extremely large volumes of cheap DVDs.

Clients of the firm range from market stall holders to the chain shops on the high street. All of them enjoy a prompt service which delivers good quality second hand DVDs, CDs and games and enables them to have a healthy profit margin.

Wholesale at Want it Cheaper also deal with the general public wanting to purchase wholesale lots for themselves to boost their collections - or who are simply looking at selling the goods on to make some extra cash in these difficult financial times.

And potential customers shouldn’t worry about they might be buying. It’s all going to be well priced, good quality stock from mainstream production companies such as Sony, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and Disney.

The aims of Wholesale at Want it Cheaper is to establish a long-lasting relationship and they aim to do that by supplying quality stock which drives demand from satisfied customers.

It’s this ability to supply a wide range of genres and titles that has helped Neil onto the road to success and he encourages others to follow him.

Now wife Diane helps out with day-to-day business activities and daughter Sarah is busy helping with the marketing side of the booming family business.

Neil says: “We use social media really well to drive up custom by using things like Facebook and Twitter. We do a lot of promotional work too.”

As Neil says: “Wholesale at Want it Cheaper must be a very big operation because the can supply base items for stock very quickly and they have great deals on larger amounts too.

“The real key for anyone wanting to start up something similar is to shift a lot of quality products. The profit margins on each item aren’t always fantastic but the demand for the stock is there – and it’s growing.”

Neil Lockie, Lockie Scotland ltd, 
Wholesale at Want It Cheaper, visit our website today or call 0845 4638037.