Wholesale at Want It Cheaper is a big player in the business of selling high quality secondhand job lots of music CDs, movie DVDs and games. Our company Want It Cheaper started in 2008 services Read more...
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Case study: Mike Green, Basingstoke CDs

By his own admission, Mike Green ‘fell into’ a lucrative business selling DVDs, CDs and console games online but now he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mike drives a taxi part-time in Basingstoke and was selling various craft items on eBay but then his suppliers packed it in to focus on selling books on Amazon.

Mike says: “I gave that a go but books don’t sell – you really have to know the market.

“So I looked for something else and realised that CDs were lighter to post and cheaper to buy.”

He started out five years ago just selling items to create an extra income for him and his family and then the business started to slowly take off.

Mike adds: “It’s now a reasonable success but I spend all day in front of a PC selling items online.”

He still focuses his attention at the online market and targets Amazon and eBay for his market place and is now sending three or four mail sacks of goods to happy customers every day.

Indeed, it’s doing so well that his brother has also started an online business selling DVDs, CDs and console games.

Though he uses more than one supplier, Mike credits Wholesale at Want it Cheaper for helping his business turn the corner.

He says: “They are reliable and consistent with the quality of their products which is great but sometimes their carriage costs are a bit high.

“Having said that, I like the promptness of their replying to questions and the fast despatch of goods I’ve bought. I’ve done very well because Wholesale at Want it Cheaper have been of great benefit because they send great quality fresh new stock that sells well.”

Wholesale at Want it Cheaper are among the leaders when it comes to finding suppliers who can deliver top quality secondhand CDs, DVDs and computer games at great prices.

Started in 2008 they have gone from strength-to-strength by offering great deals and fantastic customer service to people such goods at car boot sales, market stalls and online at places like eBay, Amazon and Play.com.

Always on the look-out for potential clients wanting bulk deliveries at amazing prices, the client list is always expanding.

Wholesale at Want it Cheaper also supply DVDs of mainstream movie productions from leading studies such as Disney and Warner Bros.

Plus there’s a huge and growing market for DVDs of popular television shows from the BBC and ITV which are in demand from potential customers.

The firm also does a great trade in music CDs come from a wide range of music firms such as Virgin and Sony.

And, unlike many suppliers, their supply of secondhand CDs cover a wide range of music tastes from pop, reggae and rock to jazz, hip-hop and country. The high quality CDs stretch from artistes who were big in the 60s right up until today for stars like Lady GaGa.

But it’s for the supply of PC and console games which covers platforms like PS2, PS3, DS, Wii, PSP, XBOX and the XBOX360 which really sets a firm like Wholesale at Want it Cheaper apart.

They supply some of the best and latest secondhand games in the market.

Indeed, it’s the sheer range of their stock at great prices which keeps customers going back because top quality product sell at very good profit margins.

Mike says anyone looking at starting in a similar business should be expecting to work long hours but the rewards are great.

He has also found that his specialised knowledge gleaned over the years means he can spot potential money makers from a box of mixed goods.

Mike has also found that he does well when buying boxes of slightly damaged stock.

He says: “These are really cheap but you can replace a broken case and you can remove scratches on a CD using a special machine and I do like buying these boxes because of the surprises you find in them.”

Mike adds: “I would recommend Wholesale at Want it Cheaper because of the quality of goods and quality of their service though I haven’t recommended to others in this business how good the firm is because that is giving away too much supplier information.

“And I wouldn’t tell my brother because I have an edge on him by using Wholesale at Want it Cheaper.”

Mike Green, Basingstokecds

Wholesale at Want It Cheaper, visit http://wholesale.wantitcheaper.co.uk/ or call 0845 4638037.