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Tuesday 21st May special offer on damaged CDs and games
May 21st, 2013
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Well it’s that time again. We are going to give you another special offer. This time we are offering damaged games and CD’s with a minimum order of 250 units.

The damage can be either scratch disc or damaged case or both. However you shouldn’t let the fact they are damaged put you off. If the disc is scratched then you can repair it if you have the equipment to do so and make a profit. Or if it is the case that’s damaged then maybe you have spare cases that you could use. The possibilities for these are endless!! You could even use damaged discs as part of a collage for your shop. Maybe spell out the name of the shop in the damaged discs and put them on the wall. This would be a very eye catching sign for your customers.

We have 700 damaged CD’s which could be yours for only 25p each. The damaged games could be yours for only 35p each and we have 400. This is not a deal to be missed.

The postage would be the same as always at £9.99 per 100 units. So you are getting an amazing deal with this offer.

Such an amazing deal should not be missed!!!

We look forward to your call!!! 

Call us now to secure you order on the amazing special offer.

Call us on 0845-463-8037

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