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Monday 20th May special off on DVDs
May 20th, 2013
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So we have another offer for you all today. Now this deal is absolutely massive. By massive I mean the savings are just crazy. The offer is for 2 different titles of DVD’s. The titles we are offering you are Brian’s Beginners Ballroom Dance and Brian’s Beginners Latin Dance. Now here is where the crazy savings come into it. Brian’s Beginners Ballroom Dance is £6.99 on Amazon but we are going to give you it for just 80p each!! The offers don’t stop there oh no. Brian’s Beginners Latin Dance is £5.99 on Amazon and we are giving you it for just 50p!

All of these products are brand new and sealed. So they are ready to retail out straight away. You can also mix and match with these as well.

So if this deal tickles your fancy you are probably thinking so what’s the minimum order amount? Well let me tell you. The minimum amount of units you can order is only 100 units. So you can order either 100 of 1 or 100 of the other, or mix and match them. So if you wanted say 50 of each you would only be paying £75 plus postage. Now that is a massive offer and saving, because if you were to be paying the price that I mentioned for the same amount just mentioned it would be a mammoth price of £649! So with our amazing offers you are getting a massive saving of £574!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get calling so you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!!

Call now as we only have a limited amount of stock


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