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Our guide to leaving Wholesale at Want It Cheaper Feedback
Jul 10th, 2012
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Welcome to our guide on how to use our reviews page. Follow the simple steps below to leave us your review on what you thought of our service, speed of delivery and most importantly our stock.

  1. Click the green button entitled “click here to submit your review"
  2. Fill in your full name and please note this will be posted to on the page
  3. Now add your email address this will not be displayed to the general public only staff at our company.
  4. Now add a title for your review, something that explains everything with a few words.
  5. Now add your order number which can be located on the invoice you were sent.
  6. Now add the area that you sell your stock for example if you sell the stock online then just type in that box online.
  7. Now add how many starts that you award us, the higher the number of starts the happier you are with us.
  8. Now finally add a few sentences about your experience with us focusing on the quality of the stock you received the speed you received your order and what you thought of our customer services.
  9. Once you have done tick the check box to confirm that you're a human and not a computer then click submit your review.

That’s it you’re done.

Click the image to start leaving reviews.

Wholesale want it cheaper customer feedback

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