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Sell DVDs and CDs with the Amazon Advantage
Jun 22nd, 2011
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Amazon currently offers close to 500,000 thousand movie and TV titles. There is no official count as to the number of active sellers but in the 2008 Amazon Sellers Conference, the number of seller accounts has been estimated at 1.4 million while the number of user accounts has been estimated at 79 million. Such is the power of this online marketplace which started its operations in 1995 as an online bookstore that many retailers and wholesalers now realize that their business could not just thrive but definitely prosper through Amazon.co.uk

DVD wholesale sellers and retailers are one of those that can extremely benefit from posting their merchandise at Amazon.co.uk. Amazon caters to various 3rd party sellers and your goods through the different programs made available by Amazon for the sellers. One of these options is called the Amazon Marketplace which is the retail side of selling CDs and DVDs. As an online tool, Amazon Marketplace allows DVD resellers to sell their brand new or used CDs and DVDs. There is no listing fee when posting your DVDs at Amazon Marketplace. However you will be charged 15% commission plus shipping charges and closing fee for every item sold.

If you are a DVD and CD wholesale seller, you might want to check out Amazon Advantage which is an ideal platform for selling wholesale DVD items. As a wholesaler, you are given the privilege of selling new titles which are not yet available at Amazon. Necessary data for each disc is needed and upon approval, Amazon orders from the wholesaler a minimum number of stocks to be kept at the Amazon warehouse. As a CD and DVD wholesale seller, you get paid as soon as your product sells at Amazon Advantage. Here, Amazon charges 15% of your CD’s selling price. One drawback of selling via Amazon Advantage is that normally, Amazon only keeps a minimum number of DVD or CDs which sometimes runs out of stock which is a lost sale opportunity for the seller.

Fulfillment By Amazon is also another DVD wholesale option which has an entirely different charging scheme than the two options mentioned above. FBA allows the entrepreneur an unlimited number of DVD or CD in its warehouse provided that you pay rent for the space occupied by your DVDs and CDs. On top of that, you are also charged handling, packaging, referral and closing fees

Choosing the right Amazon program for your DVD wholesale or retail business is a matter of assessing completely your current needs and your product’s line up. For startup sellers, you can always opt for the Amazon Marketplace. If you are a CD and DVD wholesale seller, you can actually use both wholesale options mentioned above depending on the popularity of your discs. But whether you are a startup DVD retailer or a DVD wholesale seller, one thing is for certain: Internet marketplace is an extremely profitable market segment that you should not do without.

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