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DVD and CD Disc Repair, Anyone?
Jun 3rd, 2011
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One good thing about the sluggish economy is that many people are now turning to pre-owned DVDs, CDs and games for entertainment. Previously catering to a select market of individuals, buying pre-owned discs is now becoming a popular option because of the more affordable cost and the wide range of available titles. This development has also increased the demand for disc cleaning and repair for both online stores and in the high streets.

Whether you are an online DVD trader, a DVD rental store or an existing disc repair business, you can expand your business by providing fast and quality DVD repair by getting one of these DVD repair machines:

• Disc Go Devil. Probably the fastest selling professional disc repair machine in the UK, this single stage reasonably priced machine can repair up to 60 discs per day. This machine is ideal if you are planning to expand your Pre-owned DVD Retail Store to include repairs. A repair service will help increase your foot traffic in the store thereby giving you additional opportunity for sales conversion.

• Eco Pro. This mid range machine can repair up to 75 discs a day with a maximum of 4 minutes repair time for CDs with heavy repair requirement.

• Disc Go Roboto. One of the higher priced models, this machine is ideal for busy Disc repair stores averaging around 150 to 200 disc repairs per day. This is a heavy duty machine which is expected to produce way more than the entry level machines. Ideal for an already busy business establishment, the Disc Go Roboto is expected to add value to your disc repair business.

Several more brands are available for your DVD repair business. The above are just a few that you will see in the internet and more are available to cater to your disc repair needs. If you are expanding your DVD retail business, you have to consider buying the disc repair machine as a long term investment by realistically assessing the average number of repairs that you expect based on your current sales and foot traffic data. You should also consider how actively you will be marketing your new service and the maximum capacity that you can readily accommodate given your existing available resources.

Lastly, always remember that despite this new business development, service is still your key driver for growth. Adding a repair service to your store will definitely add more value to your brand. It sends a positive message to your customers that you value them and you care about their needs.

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